Hello and Welcome to Deep Roots Therapy!

I provide individual, family, and couples mental health therapy services for adolescents and adults. Life can be tough. Struggles with family, relationships, loss, work, school, change, hardships, or direction, can get in the way of how we want to feel or experience ourselves and our relationships. For many it is helpful to reach out beyond our normal support systems and talk to a someone who is trained in supporting others through difficult times. Therapy is a safe place where individuals, couples and families can come together with a trained counselor, outside the everyday dynamic, to explore thoughts, feelings, needs and goals, as well as potentially gain new perspectives and tools.

One of my specialties is working with adolescents. The years between 12 and 19 are an amazing time of growth and learning… as well as confusion and pain. It is during these years that we really work out who we do and don’t want to be, our outlook on the world, and our management and coping tools. Because of these huge changes, there can be a lot of conflict between teens and their parents, family and peers. Counseling is a place in which a teen can explore their inner self, their relationships, and the world, in a contained and safe situation. Counseling can also give teens and their parents and families a place to work out their challenges¬† in a structured environment and with an unbiased, caring, and trained ‘outsider’ who is not part of the usual family dynamic.

Whether a teenager or adult, individual or family, it is my belief that 1) every person is the expert of his or her own life and 2) we all hold within us a tremendous amount of strength, goodness and resilience, which sometimes we struggle to access. Fear of failure, loss of hope, repeated trauma, and briefs that we are undeserving, are but a few barriers that can get in the way of our healing and growth. But with consistent, compassionate and authentic support, it is my belief that such barriers can be overcome, and that positive goals can be achieved. I meet my clients where they are at in their own lives and regards to their own goals.

My therapeutic orientation is an eclectic blend or Family Systems, Humanistic Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. My training includes, but is not limited to, adolescent development and issues, couples and family dynamics, parenting, trauma, domestic violence issues, self-harming behaviors, involvement in the Child Welfare System, multiculturalism, and Native American Populations. In sessions, I provide Art Therapy, as well as traditional Talk Therapy.